I'm Registered!

Yah!!! In just 86 days, I'll be on my way to hearing (among others)

Joan Bauer
Katherine Paterson

I remember the first time I read Bridge to Terebithia ... I must have been eleven or twelve. No one told me anything about it, I just picked it up off the shelf. I remember being absolutely numb when I turned the last page.
And boy, was I obsessed with Hope Was Here when it came out! I'm really looking forward to her new book, Peeled.


Erin said...

SO fun. Take lots of notes. :)

Janet Rubin said...

Yes, we'll expect detailed blog reports. Is this your first conference? Enjoy! We're trading places, I guess. I'm foregoing conferences this year in order to pay for college. You did things in the right order, dear!

Marie DeVries said...

I LOVED Hope was Here! It was such a great book! Is Bridge to Terabithia good? I have been debating on whether or not I should read it, how long is it?

Noel De Vries said...

Don't worry, you'll get sick of hearing about it.

Yes, my first conference. I chose it because it's not just for writers, not just a "get published" gig, but it's also for avid readers, intersecting faith and the written word.

Hey, Marie, it's in Cedar Rapids. Wanna drive up with us? A student registration is only $80!