My IlluStory Obsession: Two Noisy Monkeys

I’ve had an IlluStory Kit sitting on my desk for months now, trying to work up the energy such projects require. I’d planned on redoing one of the clown-and-his-dog “Tootsie and Roll” stories I wrote and illustrated several years ago for my little brother. But I never got around to it. Then, two weeks ago, my littlest brother was in a sleepy, story-deprived mood, and forced me to mumble out something about noisy monkeys and a man trying to sleep (guess who wanted to go to bed?). Three million encores later, with Littlest Brother reciting along with me, I decided to add illustrations. Enter IlluStory. The pictures came out so adorable, I had to post a few. Now all I have left to do is wait for the mailman.
(Notice the portrait of H.A. Rey, the literary forefather of all monkey stories!)
There was once a man who was so tired he could barely walk upstairs,

barely brush his teeth,

and barely put on his pajamas.
Etc., etc.
Copyright 2007 Noel De Vries


Janet Rubin said...

This is adorable!!! Love the pics on the wall. We'll get the rest of the story another day, won't we? Please, Noel, please, please, please...

Noel De Vries said...

Well, those are the best images. :) The rest of the story takes place in the bedroom (albeit the last three pages). Basically, man tries to sleep, monkeys are noisy, man plugs ears, but can still hear monkeys. Man pulls covers over head, puts pillow on head, can still hear monkeys. Man takes his covers to the basement and voila! He can not hear the monkeys anymore.

Janet Rubin said...

Oh. Okay. Thank you for satisying my curiosity. I'll be able to sleep nights now;)

Happy New Year!