BBC Ballet Shoes (that girl looks familiar...)

Okay, maybe I'm a bit partial to "Ballet Shoes" because of the author. I mean, Noel Streatfeild. Such a nice name. And nicely spelled, too.

The Others weren't enthusiastic about her magnum opus when I forced it on them, but we found a lovely audio version, narrated in cheery British accents, and they dutifully agreed that Pauline, Petrova and Posy were all right (Posy's catlike "We vow" is a staple in our quote repertoire).

When we discovered the old 1975 BBC version of the novel, there were plenty of smiles. It very much resembles our forays into film making ... good old BBC, budget-less yet faithful to the last.

And now there's a new adaption on the horizon: December 26th, for those lucky enough to be within range. My hopes aren't high (I mean, see image). But a small step up from the last attempt is worth checking into. The DVD arrives January 7th, if you live in the UK. Poor, unfortunate Americans must wait indefinitely. Well, as they say, read the book, don't wait for the movie.

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